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Turgor of the Skin: Causes and symptoms (Skin turgor)

Turgor of the Skin means:

Turgor of the Skin is a condition in which your skin is stretched and looks wrinkly. It's caused by fluid retention, and it can happen to any part of the body.

Skin turgor is a condition in which the skin is dry and loose, as well as has wrinkled or sunken areas. It can appear on any part of the body, including the face and hands. The skin may be warm to the touch, but this could also indicate a fever or infection.

It is not a serious condition but it can cause discomfort if left untreated. If you notice poor turgor of the Skin in your hands, feet, or elsewhere on your body, you should visit a doctor for treatment.

Causes of skin turgor:

Poor skin turgor is common in the elderly. Poor skin turgor is frequently caused by:

1- lower water intake

2- Diabetes Diarrhea Rapid weight loss

3- A heat stroke (excessive sweating without enough water intake)

4-  Dehydration

5- Vomiting

Skin turgor elasticity can also be impacted by connective tissue diseases like scleroderma and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, but this is not related to the amount of water in the body.

skin turgor check:

To check for skin turgor, the medical professional tents up the skin between two fingers. Checks are frequently made on the lower arm or abdomen. After being held for a short while, the skin is released.

Normal skin quickly returns to its original position. It takes longer for skin with poor turgor to return to its original position.


Symptoms of poor turgor of the skin are given below:

-Loss of elasticity in the skin

-Flaky or scaly skin

-Swelling and redness of the skin

-Pitting or discoloration of the skin

We can easily assess turgor of the skin by looking at these symptoms in any person.


Despite its name, turgor of the skin is not all that hard to cure. There are a number of ways to cure the poor turgor of the skin, including:

-Drinking lots of water.

-stop using soap on your skin.

-Taking a cold shower.

-Make use of any good moisturizer.

-Staying away from direct sunlight.

If you adopt these cures, you can surely increase skin turgor.

My viewpoints on turgor of the skin:

I think that turgor of the skin is a fascinating subject. There are so many things that can cause it to be out of balance, and there are so many cures for it. I hope that you learned something from this post—I know I did in writing it. And if you want to learn more about the subject, feel free to take a look at the references listed at the end of the article.


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